Which way?

This Way//That Way is a new project based in nipaluna/Hobart dedicated to youth-led conversations about sexual and reproductive health, relationships and culture. It will be an ongoing resource of Tasmanian services, articles and interviews about topics such as consent, sex, sexuality, pregnancy, relationships, dating and more.

This Way//That Way launch at The Loop, December 2020, credit: Alex Hullah, Creative Hobart

Whose way?

The project is coordinated by The Link Youth Health Service, a not-for-profit organisation assisting Hobart’s young people with health and wellbeing. The Link facilitates the This Way//That Way Editorial Collective, a group of volunteers aged 25 and under. The group is open to anyone aged 12-25 living in the Hobart area with a passion for honest sexual and reproductive health education for young people. The purpose of the group is to help provide direction, content and oversight for the project.

In 2020 the Editorial Collective produced zines, short films, articles, screen printed tote bags and more. If you'd like to get involved in 2021 please use our digital sign-up form.