Seek Support

If you are under 18 and think you might be pregnant, it’s important to seek support from health professionals as soon as possible. There are four services recommended by the Tasmanian Government:

Talking with a GP about your pregnancy choices

When it comes to making medical choices about your pregnancy, including termination of pregnancy, a doctor may consider your age, maturity, and if you understand the procedure and risks (e.g. side effects and complications). This is the same process as if you were to go to the doctor for any other sexual and reproductive health issue, such as contraception (the pill, implanon etc).

Your right to privacy

You have a right to privacy and confidentiality when accessing healthcare. This means health professionals, including GPs, are not allowed to share information about you, such as if you are pregnant, without your consent. I

f a healthcare professional is worried about your welfare or safety, they may talk to you about having to make a notification to Child Safety Services. For more information about your rights at the doctor, see this fact sheet from Youth Law Australia.

Telling parents/guardians

It is your choice about whether you want to tell a parent or guardian about your pregnancy. There is no law that says young people under 18 must tell a parent or guardian about pregnancy or any medical treatment they are receiving.

For more information about pregnancy and the law, see this fact sheet from Youth Law Australia.

Medicare Card

If you are 15 years and older you can apply for your own Medicare Card, which will allow you to go to a GP. The Link can assist you with applying if you need help. You do not need a Medicare Card to speak to a Youth Health Worker.